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Corporate Law

Our Corporate team consists of expert lawyers and advisors. We combine broad knowledge of corporate law matters with experience in key sub disciplines while offering services to our clients. With our comprehensive understanding of various business challenges and the associated legal practices, we strive to enable our clients to successfully meet ongoing challenges and upcoming opportunities.


Company Law

Fair Debt Recovery

IPR Litigation

Environment (NGT)

Contract Drafting

Compliance Due Diligence


As a specialist dispute resolution firm, Mint Law has substantial experience of successfully dealing with complex, sensitive and high-value National and international arbitrations.

We regularly act on behalf of our clients in arbitrations under all the major arbitral rules including Indian, LCIA, ICC and UNCITRAL arbitrations as well as in ad-hoc arbitrations. As such we know the arbitral processes, the institutions and the nuances of conducting arbitrations very well indeed.

Our technical expertise and experience in conducting national & international arbitrations is matched by our excellent client care and these factors, combined with our largely conflict free practice and competitive fee structures make us an attractive alternative for clients seeking to resolve their disputes effectively through arbitration.


Civil & Commercial Disputes

We have advised on substantial multi-jurisdictional and domestic commercial claims, including claims in deceit, breach of fiduciary duty, misfeasance, conspiracy and breach of trust. We act for both claimants and defendants and are experienced in managing and co-ordinating related proceedings in several jurisdictions and are used to having to act without delay to protect our clients’ interests.

We act to obtain and challenge injunctions including worldwide freezing injunctions and search orders. We have experience in acting successfully in cases involving breach of trust and cross border asset tracing as well as in “trust busting” litigation. Creative solutions for uncovering information and tracking money are sometimes required and employed. Our lawyers have expertise in working alongside foreign lawyers, forensic accountants and investigators to achieve the desired end result for our clients, who include leading corporate and financial services firms  and high net worth individuals.

Mint Law regularly assists Companies, LLP members, shareholders, directors, and partnerships to resolve their disputes. Such actions in these specialist areas are often particularly sensitive and we understand that the parties are normally keen to avoid the expense and disruption of court litigation or arbitration proceedings. We find that, handled properly, it is often possible to find negotiated or mediated swift and pragmatic solutions, which enable the parties to continue to work together, or where that is not possible, for there to be a managed exit from the relationship by one party, on agreed terms. Our expertise include joint venture disputes, derivative actions, unfair prejudice petitions, disputes involving sale and purchase agreements such as breach of warranty and indemnity claims as well as “good leaver” and “bad leaver” provisions. 

Company / Partnership / LLP Disputes

IT, Telcom Disputes

Mint Law has helped several clients in a broad range of disputes and claims, across the IT and telecommunications sector, including both litigation and arbitration.

The complex, bespoke nature of many agreements in this sector frequently means that they contain traps for the unwary. We are experts at analysing these contracts, advising our clients of their rights and guiding them through the disputes process.

Our experience includes acting on cases involving allegations of underperformance or variation of contractual scope, breach of licensing terms or the failure of a joint venture (JV), and our clients’ key objective is often to terminate their existing contracts.

We are skilled and experienced in the procedure and practice of court proceedings, including emergency injunctive relief where appropriate. We also, in appropriate cases, work with our clients to develop strategies designed to achieve negotiated settlements before trial. We act for clients in arbitrations (including both ad hoc and under the rules of various arbitral bodies) and in various forms of alternative dispute resolution including mediations.

Mint Law is amongst the first choice for our clients for Banking & Financial disputes or finance related litigation.

Our specialist team acts at the cutting edge of this field, in claims involving a wide variety of financial instruments including loan agreements and facilities, letters of credit, guarantees, performance bonds, collection facilities, derivatives, total return swaps, credit default swaps, interest rate swaps, repo agreements and various forms of collateralised debt obligations including mortgage-backed securities.

Banking / Financial Disputes

IPR Litigation

At Mint Law Our expertise lies in the traditional forms of intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrights and patents as well as non-conventional areas of intangible property like geographical indications and industrial designs.

Mint Law has been representing, with success, several high profile defendants who trust ability and expertise of Mint Law in the domain for following reasons:

  • Research : In every patent infringement claim, the law is only an execution tool but the core remains technical and subject matter research and understanding. We have a team of specialists subject matters experts including, IT, Telecom, Standard Essential Patents, Forensics, Chemists, Physicists. Our IPR litigation process commences with detailed research, consultations, based on which we apply relevant section of laws.
  • Resolution Fist : At Mint Law we first evaluate and seek all possible options for disputing parties to reach a resolution.

As a specialist IPR Litigation firm, we are free from major conflicts as our IPR practice does not engaged in Patent Filings and related works and nor do we associate the experience of documentation as our IPR litigation expertise.

The Contract Drafting services of Mint Law not only includes working on complex M&A deals and related transactions, but on a variety of commercial and business contracts covering a wide range of manufacturing and service industries, including automotive, construction, energy & infrastructure, food and beverages, healthcare, hospitality, media and entertainment, tele communications, oil & gas, outsourcing & IT and financial services.

The Experience of Mint Law in drafting, reviewing and negotiating a wide range of business contracts such as, manufacturing, sales and distribution agreements, promotional contracts, supply agreements, purchase agreements, outsourcing, project development and management agreements has helped several clients to avoid expensive litigation and dispute resolutions as contracts are well defined covering entire gamut of What Can Go Wrong.

We also have expertise and experience in incorporating companies and providing advice on a day-to-day basis on corporate, regulatory, governance, operational and structuring matters.

Contract Drafting


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